Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Progression of Mittens

I've been on a mitten kick of late.  I like mittens.  I like that they're more old-fashioned and quirky (and warm) than gloves.  I like that everyone else I know likes gloves better than mittens, because I'm contrary like that.  I like that they rhyme with kittens.

My first pair of mittens were of epic proportions.  I'm not sure why I felt it necessary to knit them at such a large gauge, except that I have long fingers and perhaps I was worried that they wouldn't fit otherwise.

I can easily fit both of my hands into one, though the thumbs turned out to be exactly the right size.  I wish I had kept that in mind when I knit up the next pair with the same pattern, this time on the correct needles.

They are much more reasonably sized, though still quite roomy, but the thumbs came out just a tad short.  At the time I was not so brave as to try adjusting the pattern itself to fit.  They're my go-to winter-wear right now.

I love how the slip-stitch pattern plays with the variegated yarn.  I do not love the jarring seams up the side or the fact that they're stiff enough to stand on their own, however windproof that makes them.

I really want a pair of red mittens, so Hermione's mittens screamed out to me, "Make us!"

The first one is done, minus weaving in the ends.

I know, I know, I should be working on Jenn's mittens exclusively, but I was laid up in bed with a cold, absolutely miserable, and these were so comforting to my frazzled mental state.  They look crazy long, but that's okay, because I have such long arms that most of my coat sleeves are a little short.  My current mad rainbow mittens don't have enough coverage.

I love the elegant increases for the thumb.  It seemed like an odd way of doing it, but it worked up beautifully.  I'm unsure about the bobbles.  They really are like little knitted tumors.  My husband thinks they're hilarious, and my cats bat at them and try to chew them off.  The way the traveling cable emerges from the ribbing makes me smile every time I look at it, too. The eight stitches I added to the pattern worked out alright in the end with the decreases.  I had to be a little creative with them, and I squeezed in an extra bobble that looks a wee bit awkward, but I'm pleased with the overall result.

Now back to those other mittens . . .

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