Saturday, August 25, 2012


The shawl of amazing enormousness and impracticality is entirely sewn up now, and I'm picking away at hiding the ends.  The 120 little ends . . .   This is what I get for trying to mix Star Trek with Jane Austen.  I have pretty much abandoned any hope of starting the other two projects that I had planned for the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps, much less finishing them by the end of August.  It's the 25th already!  Four more months until Christmas!  How did this happen?

I did start the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat, and despite a few setbacks and a great deal of frogging, it's almost half-finished.  I don't think I'll finish it in time, but I just hope it fits this time.  I'm running out of regular-sized-headed friends to unload hats on.

I also started another design for a baby hat.  Technically it's a pattern that several other people have already designed, but not to the specification that I need, so I'm making my own.  It should be absurdly adorable, if a bit cliched by now.

It's also a surprise, so no peeking.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fridays, Fridays

I wrote out a few depressing paragraphs, and then Jiji walked all over my keyboard and managed to erase it.  I'll take that as a sign.

She's a cunning kitty.

My swap package has been sent, and according to the tracking info, received, but I've gotten no confirmation from Ravelry.  Is she staring at the contents in disbelief, and too disgusted with my inept handling of the assignment to say anything?  Is everything sea green?  Is her internet out?  Does she have a life outside of Ravelry that is keeping her away?  No one told me swaps were so aggravating, argh . . .

Today was the deadline for sending things out, so I should be receiving a package sometime in the next week.  I'm so excited and curious to see what my partner picked out for me.  I hope it's purple, but I love all kinds of colors, so if it isn't purple I won't be at all disappointed.  I almost wish I'd said 'orange' and left it at that, just to open a box and see nothing but orange.  Orange is an unexpected color.  I love color.

I finally finished this darn bookmark.

Who knew second sock syndrome could be caught by such a small target?  My tension and row counts were inconsistent, so they don't quite match, but I'm just so happy to have another UFO off the board that I don't care.  It's a bookmark.  I'm happy.

Since that didn't take up all of my Wednesday, I also wove all the ends in on Jenn's finished mitten, and worked a couple more rows on the thumb of the unfinished one.  Have I mentioned that I hate those mittens?  I'm so glad I don't have to work on them again until next Thursday.  On the bright side, it's been so crisp and cool in the mornings that working on mittens is sounding charming again.  I can't wait to get back to work on my Hermione mittens.  I wish I had taken better notes (or any notes at all . . . ) on the first one.  I'm more or less starting from scratch with the second, except for the knowledge that I added eight stitches to begin with, and I can read cables pretty competently.  There's going to be some guesswork, though, and that makes me antsy.

Silas is rolling over these days.

He doesn't really look where he's going yet.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This pain that never goes away

I took Silas to the car show in town today.  I don't know anything about cars, but we walked up and down the streets, and I said, "There's a red one, and a blue one, and a white one . . ."

Someone shouted my name and came running up.  I can't remember her name for the life of me, but she was in my childbirth class when I was pregnant with Gabriel.  She congratulated me on the new baby and we chatted for a bit, and I tried not to stare too much at her little boy.  Gabriel would be his age, give or take a couple weeks.  Gabriel would be scrambling out of his stroller, and toddling along the street holding his daddy's hand.  Gabriel would be so big . . .

He's been on my mind for the past couple days.  I had to take a bathroom break at work yesterday to cry it out.  I've grown another year older without him today, and it doesn't feel like a very happy birthday.

He's always there, of course.  He's all over this house.  I carry him with me everywhere, and he's in Silas, too