Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I woke up this morning shivering in panic.  I'm going to have a baby soon.  I have no idea how to have a baby.  That's not strictly true, of course.  I know how to give birth.  Assuming their comments were not rhetorical encouragement, everyone said I was pretty darn good at pushing last time.  I think I remember most of what to do.  The part that freezes me with dread is the part I don't know about - the part where I spend the next day in the hospital with a baby, instead of with a body.  The part where I take home a baby, instead of several potted plants.  The part where I start my life fresh with a new human being, instead of trying to hold my old life together in the wake of unforeseen tragedy.

Melodramatic?  A little.

But when I got out of bed and walked through the nursery-cum-study to go downstairs, I was struck by the warm sunlight pouring over the cradle, the changing table, and the bins of baby items.  How absolutely wonderful it was, to be having a baby in the spring, in a nursery with eastern-facing windows, so that the sun bathes everything in this soft, warm light.

Now if we could just decide on a name.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Knitted Something!

It's sad that my finishing anything is such a rare occurrence that I get giddily excited about it, but I did, and I do, and here it is!

Adding to my glee is that it's something for my husband, that he requested, that he LIKES.  Requests are so tricky.  He likes it!  He's currently using this very picture as his Facebook profile!  I'm a good wife!

...She says, deliberately avoiding thinking about the current state of the house.

Jenn's mittens have been added to my list of hibernating projects, and frankly, the Hermione mittens will most likely soon follow.  It's spring, which is no time to be knitting mittens, IMHO.  On my needles instead I have a shawl that is double-purposed for the Sense and Sensibility KAL and RAL in the Austentatious Fiber Artists group on Ravelry and for the KAL/RAL for The Secret Garden in the Folklore and Fairy Tales group, same website, of course.  The shawl is the Garden View Shawlette, designed by Tracey Withanee, and I'm pretending that I'm making it for my mom for Mother's Day, even though I know well before I'm finished with it I will be distracted away by the birth of my child.

I also made a dishcloth, which there will be pictures of once I've weaved in the ends (so, some time next year).