Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching up

Hey, remember when this blog used to be about knitting?  Neither do I!  It's been an awful month, but here's some non-angsty stuff.

I knit a hat:

It's the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat from Knitty.  I think it makes my nose look huge.  I made it once before and it came out too small - this time I used worsted yarn instead of DK and it came out huge.  What was meant to be a beanie became a slouchy hat that just hangs off my head.  Ah well.  After the agonizing number of times that I had to rip out the cabled band to correct mistakes I'm not eager to try for a third hat.

On a whimsical note, I made this pin:

The blue base is made of strips cut out of a blue grocery bag, and the green bits are tabs from Lime-a-rita cans.  It's all mounted onto a safety pin, though unless I resurrect my crazy blue-and-lime-green outfit that I wore so many times in college, I'm not sure what I'll pin it to.

I also made a necklace and a hat to wear as part of a costume for Retro Day at work.  I was aiming for an early 70's look, but it turned out more late 60's flower child.  No pictures of the full ensemble yet, though the gal who shot one at work promised me a print when they're developed.

 The necklace is technically only half-finished, but I made it the night before I needed it and eventually I had to call it good enough.  I like the effect with the half-flowers, though, they look like leaves.  I may finish it or I may leave it as it is.

And I did FINALLY finish the Gazing at the Stars with Edmund shawl (Stargazing would have been a more succinct name, Ms. Horrowitz).

Please excuse the mess.  The shawl is pretty impressive-looking all laid out like this, but it's just about impossible to wear.  I knew it was impractical from the start, but I'm stubborn like that.

Jiji has some nasty looking abscesses on her neck now, because the poor thing didn't have enough problems.

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