Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Year of Dishcloths

Oh, Knit Picks, what have you done to me?

I was vaguely aware last year that Knit Picks was posting a dishcloth pattern every week, but since my awareness didn't start until, oh, August-ish, I wasn't really piqued by the idea.  When I got the newsletter last week, however, I thought, "Hey, I could knit a dishcloth every week, use up my cotton stash, have an excuse to buy more cotton, and have a whole bunch of cute dishcloths!"

Silly me, I thought it would be a minor detour that wouldn't detract much from my knitting time nor put the rest of my projects completely on hold...

Week 1:

Snowbobbles by Gillian Grimm
Peaches and Creme, Hippi

I have a whole cone in this colorway, and I was tickled by how neatly the colors lined up as I was knitting it.  The bobbles, while providing a good scrubbing surface and plenty of visual and knitting interest, mean that it takes five times as long to make this dishcloth.

Week 2:

Lizard Ridge by Laura Aylor
Peaches and Creme, Bright Blue and Tropical Sea

This is a terrible picture

This is not the actual pattern from the Knit Picks sequence; that can be found here. I fully intend to make that one once I can procure the yarn for it, but in the meantime, I opted to make something out of my Ravelry queue. The short-rows, like the bobbles, mean lots of turning and thus a longer time commitment. Also, my failure to read the pattern through led me to miss the direction to offset the ripples, so I had to rip back most of it and start over.

Week 3:

Market Day Dishcloth by Marjorie Dussaud
Peaches and Creme, Psychedelic

Now here is an ideal dishcloth, whipped up quickly even though I had to tink back several times due to not reading the directions because I assumed I knew what was coming next. Once again, pride goeth before a frog.

Week 4:

Textured Stripes Dishcloth by Kiel Lemon
Peaches and Creme, Juanita Rose

Another detour from the schedule. Knit Picks pattern of the week here, I plan to make it, too, but not until I get the yarn, as I didn't care for how it was working up in worsted cotton. I tried three other patterns before ultimately settling on this one. It turns out that I really dislike mindless crochet. The results are a nice, sturdy washcloth, but oy, it was a schlep getting there.

So stay tuned for more dishcloths - now that I'm caught up I hope to post one every week and bring some semblance of regularity to this much neglected blog, but we all know how likely that is.

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