Monday, November 28, 2011

Another pictureless post

The mittens are continuing unabated, though I have given up on Continental knitting in this project.  It did horrible things to my gauge.  Whatever I knit next (perhaps fingerless gloves for my mom, if I ever finish her slippers (only three more pieces to go! . . . then felting (scary))) I will start with CK and use it the whole way through, and then we will see how I really feel about it.  For now, mittens in good old English.  They continue to garner lots of attention at work, which is becoming a little annoying at this point.  If one more person asks me "What are you making?" I may just answer "A noose."  Just because.  However, one of the managers asked me a new question.

"Is it difficult?"

This caught me a little off-guard.  Usually this is framed as a statement.  "That looks difficult.  I could never do that.  You must have lots of patience." 

I replied, "It's really not much more difficult than knitting with two needles, because you only use two at a time.  The hardest part is keeping the joins between needles."

I almost fell out of my chair when he said, "I should start soon.  I bought a kit - I'm going to learn how."

Then he wandered off to do managerial things; I don't know what.  The world suddenly seemed much bigger than my dumb red mittens and their wandering cables and little knitted tumors.

I did finish the scarf for my sister, other than weaving in the last end.  Now I must somehow convince myself to make her a hat.  My enthusiasm for Christmas knitting (and crocheting) is waning fast.

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