Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Crafting

I'm not a big fan of knitting gifts for Christmas.  I've done it, and enjoyed it, but I find deadlines highly intimidating and the idea that someone might not appreciate something that I've put hours, days, or weeks into; that they might not wear it, or they might never let me see them wearing it (I'm looking at you, people who still haven't sent me pictures of things I've made them for Ravelry).

However, I've put that aside to finally make something for my mom.  French Press Slippers are just too darn charming to pass up, and I've been half-heartedly promising to knit slippers (or socks) for her for several years.  I don't particularly expect them to turn out, or to fit, or to be comfortable, because my mom is so rarely pleased with things I make for her, but I lay my pride down this year.

And since I can't think of anything else to make for my sister Laura, who remains an enigma to me in spite of vigorous efforts on her part for us to bond, I am making her a red version of the One-Skein Scarf that I made for Ryan's sister.  If I have time and can find a good pattern, I'll make her a coordinating hat.  I don't even know if she wears hats.  Or scarves.  Or likes the color red.  I'm a terrible sister.  On the other hand, she's in Iowa now.  If she didn't wear hats or scarves beforehand, she will now.

I should have bought blue yarn instead.

Speaking of things made of red yarn, my Hermione Mittens are chugging along, after only three false starts.  Goldilocks couldn't have had more trouble making mittens.  "These mittens are too small!"  "These mittens are too big!"  "These mittens aren't airtight enough!"  Instead of trying to change my gauge, I added eight stitches, which has thus far given me a much more comfortably roomy cuff.  I like a long cuff, because many of my coats have sleeves that are a little too short (I have my dad's insanely long arms), so a little more room means I can make the cuffs longer without shaping.  On the other hand, I'm getting pretty tired of knitting ribbing.  As for the cable pattern that the book insists can't be altered, I'm just going to stick the extra four stitches on the back of the hand on either side of the two-stitch cable, where they won't be noticed.  I'm feeling pretty clever.
We'll see if that lasts when I hit the thumb gusset and forget to compensate for my changes.

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