Saturday, August 25, 2012


The shawl of amazing enormousness and impracticality is entirely sewn up now, and I'm picking away at hiding the ends.  The 120 little ends . . .   This is what I get for trying to mix Star Trek with Jane Austen.  I have pretty much abandoned any hope of starting the other two projects that I had planned for the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps, much less finishing them by the end of August.  It's the 25th already!  Four more months until Christmas!  How did this happen?

I did start the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat, and despite a few setbacks and a great deal of frogging, it's almost half-finished.  I don't think I'll finish it in time, but I just hope it fits this time.  I'm running out of regular-sized-headed friends to unload hats on.

I also started another design for a baby hat.  Technically it's a pattern that several other people have already designed, but not to the specification that I need, so I'm making my own.  It should be absurdly adorable, if a bit cliched by now.

It's also a surprise, so no peeking.

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