Monday, March 23, 2015

Late Weekly Dishcloth: Not for lack of trying

I was so close to getting this one done on time. I was casting off on Saturday evening when I was slammed hard by a random, unprovoked wave of adrenaline of the sort that I haven't had since right before I started pushing to deliver Ezra; I started shivering like I was freezing, and despite flannel sheets, two quilts, and a heated blanket could not get warm. No fever, no other symptoms, but it did lead into a headache that lasted well into the next day, and here I am.

Lydia's Lily Pad, by Joyce Fassbender
Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport, Golden Heather

It could use a little ironing
It's almost too pretty to use. It was definitely a delight to knit. The start is VERY fiddly, but once you get going it's such a lovely bit of lace, no purling, and the chart made it so much easier to keep my place. Also I found that working on wooden needles with organic cotton put me in a divine summery place, despite the very indifferent March weather we've been having. Golden Heather isn't a color I would have been drawn to myself, and this line of yarn has been discontinued, so I feel very fortunate to have been gifted it. Thank you, stranger on Ravelry!

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