Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekly Dishcloth: Two for One Special

I consider myself a knitter who also crochets, though there are times that I find myself feeling more like a crocheter who also knits, because once you start crocheting you get so much done so fast that it can be hard to look back.  It's so fast, so forgiving, so darn easy to work in the ends as you go . . . There's something about knitting that always brings me back to being a knitter, but you won't find me looking down on crochet.  It produces results.

Granny's Rainbow Dishcloth, by Beth Major
Peaches & Creme, Bright Orange, Forest Green, Bright Blue, and Black Currant; Sugar'n Cream, Red and Yellow

It calls itself a dishcloth, and I put a bar of soap in the frame to try and convince myself that it is, but in the end I stuck in the drawer with my coasters and trivets.  It's just a little small.  The pattern calls for seven shades of DK, and it turns out that six shades of worsted will not match its dimensions.  I might have tried going up a hook size or two, but the H was handy and granny squares go so fast that I was done before I had a chance to change my mind.  I was using the yarn I had on hand, but if I had my druthers I'd have gone with a brighter green and a more assertive yellow.

Diagonal Cloth, by Beth Major
Knit Picks Cotlin, Clementine and Canary

This dishcloth . . . meh.  The pattern was meh, the colors were meh, the end result; meh.  It was also a pain in the neck to get square, I ripped back at least twice and for an extremely straightforward dc dishcloth that's ridiculous.  Wasn't really worth the effort, but it does work up fast if you don't make any mistakes.  Meh, it'll clean something.

If nothing else I'm at least pleased to be catching myself up to the Knit Picks 52 in '15 list.  I've cast on the Ice Crystal dishcloth, which should take me just short of forever because I've decided to experiment with double knitting, because I'd rather deal with that insane level of fiddliness instead of the insane level of fiddliness that is trying to work fair-isle flat. Because I'm just insane.  Nothing new there.

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