Friday, May 4, 2012

Finished Object Friday

Yeah, my son is pretty much a rockstar.  

 My husband, bless him, took Silas downstairs last night and through some kind of fatherly magic and a pacifier, kept him quiet for four or five hours - the most sleep I've gotten in one go since March.  Between the lack of sleep, the irregular meals, the postpartum hormone shift and the mandatory dry spell, I've been a bit of a basketcase, but things are looking up today, with a decent amount of sleep under my belt, a slice of pizza in my hand, Silas down for a nap, and the weekend around the corner.

 I joined a blogging group on Ravelry, so expect to see a little more structured activity around here.  Regular,  perhaps not.  But inspired by it, Fridays are now for FOs.

This week, we have The Bunny, aka Mr. Bunny, Sir Flopsalot, Buster, or Poly-fil Pete

 He's made of various odds and ends of yarn from my stash, and stuffed with yarn scraps, which gives him a nice weight.  He can hang off the edge of the changing table where Silas can see him and hopefully be a teensy bit distracted from screaming his head off during diaper changes.

It was a lot of fun going through the stash, picking out yarns to match the colors recommended in the pattern, and remembering the projects that came before.  The brown is from the messenger bag I started to make for Ryan one year while we were dating.  It never got off the ground, but has lived on in his mittens, Andy's scarf, and a few random baby items that turned out way too small and thus were never finished either.  Cycle of life.  The orange is from Ryan's Half-Pipe Hat, which still needs to be blocked and brimmed, someday, when I find the brim that I cut out ages ago that disappeared and may in fact have been thrown away . . .  The tan yarn was from another aborted project for Ryan, a beard hat that I tried and tried to make but that only frustrated me and was shoved in the closet until Ryan granted me leave to frog it.  The burgundy featured prominently in my Harry Potter scarf at the right down there, and the color-coordinated mittens that followed and might fit Hagrid and have been featured enough times in this blog to not warrant a reposting. The red is from the leftovers from the infamous Rooster Hat, the pink is from the monstrously pink hoodie I started in my last year of high school and finished during my first year of college.

The light blue, yellow, and green were from a collection of odd balls of yarn that I bought at a garage sale from my late friend Bernice - she mentored me in crafts when I was in my tweens.  It's funny to think of her now, how close she was to my mom, how I used to cat-sit for her and help her baby-sit her grandsons; she was a big part of our lives for several years after we moved to Marion.  Then things changed, as they do, and she moved to Cedar Rapids to be closer to her sister, and we lost touch for years.  I think the garage sale was the last time that I saw her, until I stumbled across her obituary in the paper a couple years ago.  That was a bad year.  Two of my high school classmates committed suicide, which was why I'd taken to reading the obituaries - who knew who would be next?  And there she was.  We went to the funeral, and no one remembered us.  I'll never forget her, though.  There's too much of her in my craft box for me to ever forget, and now she's in the bunny, too.

My other current finished object is a wee crocheted angel that I made for the sole reason of giving the pattern a featured photo on Ravelry.  Very simple, as long as you're comfortable crocheting with thread, very cute.  I like the ones I made for Gabriel a bit better, but this one requires no sewing or stiffening, just a bit of scrap yarn or ribbon to gather up the skirt.  I may replace the pink yarn with a bit of white ribbon if I can find some and retake the picture (possibly not on my cell phone).

Anyone out there having a baby girl before Christmas?  I have an ornament for your tree.

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  1. My son is about to be 9 months old ... and I still have days where I feel like a total mess. Unfortunately, my husband can't keep our baby entertained long enough for a nice long nap. :( I can say, tho, it will get better. :) Your son is super cute!!!