Sunday, May 13, 2012

Something to squee about

I feel like I had a productive weekend.  Stuff got done.  Not the vitally important stuff, of course, but stuff.  Laundry, shopping, pumping.  Stuff.

I finally bought some doll eyes so that I can continue working on the Basic Amigurumi doll.

Why not brown, after all?

While I was a it, I bought a doll stand!

Now Mirasol, who I am debating on renaming Marigold, can stand up, in a head-lolling kind of way.

And to her left, you can see my last squee purchase.  In my quest to provide Ravelry with as many pictures for its pattern database as possible, I came across several Barbie patterns and was charmed by the idea.  However, I haven't owned any Barbies since I reluctantly donated my collection before going to college.  I really adored those dolls, silly as it may seem, and I can't wait to have a daughter some day so I can start buying them again.  These patterns, so desperately in need of pictures, gave me an excuse.  After all, Barbie can be a valid craft project, and I am a crafter.  And it's garage sale season.  My husband can not object to one Barbie, bought for a quarter, with no clothing or accessories.  She hardly takes up any room.

Here she is, yet unnamed (perhaps Ella?), clothed in the latest from MS Paint, because apparently I'm a bit prudish about doll nudity.

I'm absurdly pleased to have her, because evidently I'm five years old at heart.  You know what?  I'm okay with that.  I just love dolls.

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