Friday, May 11, 2012

FO Friday

Time to roll out the projects I've finished in the last week.  I can't imagine that this will be a terribly regular feature - I'm not so fast a knitter as to warrant even one FO every week, and once I go back to work I'll be lucky to get a blog post per week.

Of course there was the dishcloth.  I really haven't subscribed to the dishcloth madness that seems to have all of knittingdom in its clutches.  I don't quite 'get' it, though I understand why so many others flock to them.  The more decorative ones I don't mind making, though.  These star-shaped ones (and matching coasters) I made a couple years ago were fun.

They make TERRIBLE dishcloths, in my opinion.  Or maybe it's just the way that after I've used them to scrub the dishes (or the baby) and throw them in the washer, they come out looking dingy, misshapen, and a little ratty.  It really kills their appeal, considering I originally made them more as something pretty to put a hot plate on, and only used them for cleaning because all of my real dishcloths were in the wash.

It was a bit of a lark, but when I discovered that this pattern for barefoot baby sandals didn't have an action shot on Ravelry, I whipped one up quickly and put it on Silas's unsuspecting foot to remedy the problem.  As another Raveler put it, "Without the baby foot in them it’s kind of like a photo game of “Guess What This Is."  They're just about the cutest things ever.  I might just get it in my head to devise some sort of masculine version, though it will be a shame to lose the pretty little pink flowers.  There must be some kind of adorable boy-friendly appliques out there!  Little bear faces, perhaps.

The little hat that I made for Silas was such a hit that my cousin-in-law's wife asked me to make one for her son.  I thought Henry was a year old this month, but apparently I'm dazed and confused, because he's only nine months.  My fears that the hat was turning out too large were allayed when I saw the size of the kid's noggin, but I won't rest completely easy until I see a picture of it on his head.  For now, here's a picture of it on a large ball of yarn balancing on a custard cup

Finally, another photo-adoption - a doll-sized Christmas hat for the much-neglected Heather.  I'd had all these aspirations of creating an entire wardrobe for her that I would one day be able to share with a daughter, but so far, this is it.

I have several sewing, knitting, and crochet patterns stockpiled, but somehow I just never get around to it.  Maybe if I do have a daughter in a few years, I'll be better motivated.  Ah well.  For a supposedly Christmas hat, it came out awfully strawberry-like.  It does make me want to find more doll clothes in need of photos; unfortunately most of them are for Barbies.  I have a dangerous inclination to go buy a Barbie . . .

I frogged the pink glove, may it rest in peace.  I have the yarn for a second attempt lined up in front of me on the desk, but I'm leery of being burned again.  I might have to do a gauge swatch.  And math.


The knitting stops here, so those not on board with crazy ramblings should depart.  Of course, I say knitting when everything pictured is crocheted...

If there was one thing I needed to worry about (like I didn't have enough red flags as it was), it's probably this - that an outside party would express an interest, and like Katniss Everdeen the world would suddenly find her desirable.  The world is one man, and it really isn't fair.  I ask you, when weighed against progeny, how does the damsel in distress measure up?  

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