Thursday, May 10, 2012

UFO Thursdays

Thursdays are for flying saucers.

Or so it would seem.  Any knitter will tell you that a UFO tends to lurk in project bags and closets rather than the depths of space.  I have a terrifying collection of UnFinished Objects cluttering up various corners of the house, and my resolution to finish them this year has been off to a rocky start.

Enter Ravelry again, and the group One Day a Week for UFOs.  From now on Thursdays are dedicated to those looming half-finished projects that I steadfastly ignore the rest of the time.

Today I finally ironed and trimmed off the ends of a dishcloth that I actually started back in March.

It's a knitting pattern off of a Sugar and Cream label.  It packs a nice punch for a really simple pattern, though it was agonizing on my hands to knit so tightly with unforgiving cotton yarn.  I'm experimenting with taking better pictures, or at least finding more interesting backgrounds.  I've asked Ryan a couple times for advice, but despite almost having a degree in commercial photography he doesn't seem interesting in photographing knitwear for his wife.

I also pulled down the Everlasting Bagstopper that's been hanging in my kitchen collecting bags of chips for the past two years and finally wove in its ends and started crocheting a handle onto it so that it can finally fulfill its destiny as a reusable shopping bag, assuming I ever remember to bring my reusable shopping bags with me when I go to the store.  Heaven knows I'd miss all the plastic bags, though, since they line the various garbage cans upstairs and also come in handy for cleaning the cat boxes.

Ryan is contemplating giving the cats away as a money-saving measure.  I can see the logic, but I can't bear the thought of their ending up put to sleep in a shelter or mistreated somewhere.  I couldn't let them go unless I knew they were going to a good home.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't come to a head for a while yet.

How can I possibly let these poor dears go?  

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