Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Weekly Dishcloth

Week 5:

Lily Sugar 'n' Cream, yellow

(I deviated again from the Knit Picks schedule; their week 5 can be found at their website. I do still plan to sync back up to that list at some point, though it may be wild delusion on my part.)

There's half a foot of snow or more on the ground here in Iowa, so I feel a little silly knitting a buttery yellow spring-themed dishcloth (to say nothing of the peculiarity of working with cotton during perfect wool conditions), but this pattern has been marinating in my queue for ages and it feels nice to accomplish something that I've been planning to do for so long, even if it's just an 8 inch square destined for scullery work.  It's a very simple lace pattern, so naturally I had to frog it multiple times before making any progress.

One of the nice things said about lacy dishcloths is that they dry quickly, which helps to prevent them from developing that musty smell people complain about. I have never had a problem with odor from any of my dishcloths, though, except the one time one was left scrunched and sopping under the sink. Not naming any names, but my husband did it. I keep a length of yarn suspended between the cupboards above the sink as a clothesline for washcloths and bibs. No mildew!

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