Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yarn Along

Our local library has begun its annual adult winter reading program, and this year's theme is food/cooking, so for my nonfiction book I chose Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. I loved the movie; Meryl Streep was fabulous as Julia Child, and Amy Adams was winsome and quirky as Julie. The book is rubbing me the wrong way so far though. I enjoy the parts about cooking and about Julia, but the author's harsh ironic tone and occasional sweeping bitter stereotypes about people's politics and morality are less enjoyable. She paints herself with relish as the quintessential hipster, and for the first time I'm beginning to understand why so many people complain about hipsters.

I am thoroughly enjoying working on this Hemlock Ring, however. The Yarn is just good old RHSS, but the colorway Dove makes me giddy with adoration for its lovely shades of grey. The photo on my screen makes them look brown, but they're all grey, ranging from silver to dark ash. It's not obvious in all lights, but there's a really stunning blue grey that flashes now and then nearly the color of Ezra's eyes or Silas' before his turned mossy brown.


This baby is all chin

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