Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekly Dishcloth: Valentine Bonus

Ironically, on the week when I was hoping Knit Picks would publish a dishcloth pattern I would have to put off making until I had the right yarn, they put out a pattern perfectly suited to the yarn I have. So you get two dishcloths this week! With options on a third, depending on how my week goes.

Week 6:

Field of Flowers by Marjorie Dussaud
Peaches & Creme, Psychedelic

Between a colicky infant and yet another stitch pattern requiring multiple manipulations of individual sets of stitches, this dishcloth was not a quick knit. There is way too much p3tog going on in this pattern. It's a maddening maneuver in any pattern; trying to execute it in unforgiving, unstretchable cotton is cruel. I found the directions for the daisy stitch frustratingly unclear - I should have taken pictures of the ridiculous results of my attempt to carry them out as written. This tutorial on Craftsy finally elucidated it for me, but it boils down to the fact that the designer ought to have written "do not drop stitches from left needle" between "p3tog" and "yo, p same three stitches together again."

I didn't mean to repeat yarns so soon in this series, but my goal IS to use up stash yarn, and I was impressed with how much this colorway looked like a field of flowers in the Market Day dishcloth, so here it is again. Be warned: it crocks. A lot.

Valentine Bonus:

Heart Dishcloth
Lily Sugar'n Cream, Red

I love how charmingly old-fashioned this dishcloth is. It would have looked right at home in my Grandma Pepsi's kitchen (though she was more of a crocheter, so she may have preferred this pattern). Either would make sweet gifts for anyone you know with a lot of 50's style aprons on their Pinterest boards (or in their kitchen). It's a much faster project - you have plenty of time to whip one up for Valentine's Day!

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