Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for...


(or, Drat, I fell asleep as soon as I got home yesterday (around 6:30) and didn't post a C entry.)

I'm 13 weeks into this 52 Weeks of Free Dishcloths adventure, and so far I've finished
16 dishcloths, one potholder, and a scrubby.

The narrow drawer next to the sink where I keep such things is filling up very pleasantly.

I've come a long way from my spiritual membership in I'd Rather Poke Myself in the Eye with a Dpn than Knit a Dishcloth. I still sympathise with them; they have many valid points. Dishcloths do deteriorate quickly, and spending precious knitting time making something that will be used to scrub the gunk out of the microwave can seem sacrilegious.

 I was firmly of that mindset, until someone sent me a Tribble in a swap, and I used it one day to scrub something firmly burnt onto the stove, and it worked so darn well that I finally saw the light and went on a small dishcloth/scrubby spree. They do take up precious knitting time, though, and they don't look at all impressive on your Ravelry notebook, so I gave it up again in favor of hats and mittens and fingerless gloves and a myriad of other more respectable projects, until I got into a miserable knitting slump where even the sight of a knitting needle made me queasy (being pregnant had a bit to do with it). There's nothing like a little instant gratification to get you out of a dark place like that, and dishcloths are about as instant as you can get without straying into crochet. You can easily make one or more every week...

So my dishcloth drawer is filling up. It's at a perfect height for Silas to get into, so he can mop up his own inevitable spills, which he does with great enthusiasm.

Couldn't find the scrubbing pic, so here he is loading the dishwasher

When he was sick this week, I went to that drawer to find a cloth to sponge his feverish brow, and found a heart-shaped dishcloth to make him smile. There are reasons to knit dishcloths.

The tribble
Patterns I love that start with D:

Drop-stitch Cowl - instant gratification of the super-bulky variety (free!)

Duck - absurdly cute baby booties (free!)

Danish Hearts - crochet (free!)

Doily-style Dishcloth - my first dishcloth (free!)


  1. Yay!! Another yarn lover! I crochet rather than knit, never learned to use 2 needles lol Love your drawer full of color and texture! Awesome!
    from A to Z Challenge

  2. You make it sound like even I could knit. You're inspiring!

    1. Thank you! You absolutely could knit, you know (unless you have physical limitations that prevent you, in which case forgive my presumptuousness). Most local yarn stores are more than happy to give lessons, often for free if you get your supplies there (and literally all you need to get started is one pair of needles and a ball of yarn), or check out YouTube for thousands of tutorials on everything from casting on to binding off and everything in between.