Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for...


I have a fair trek to work, I knit, and I like to have something to listen to while I'm cooking or cleaning, so podcasts fit into my daily routines and help keep my sanity. I like audio books and music for the same purposes, but until I finally break down and sign up for an Audible membership, podcasts are more readily available (and free!).

I've raved about Craftlit here many a time, because it's awesome. Heather Ordover is a former English teacher/professor who figured out that people whose hands are busy knitting or quilting or otherwise crafting could really use someone to read to them. To keep it free, it's exclusively public domain audio of classic literature, which is my jam, yo. Right now she's hooking us up with Sense and Sensibility, and along the way she helps explain a little historical context, definitions of obscure words and practices, and a bit about the author, and a bit of modern context as references show up in pop culture.

I also listen to Forgotten Classics, which focuses on books that you probably haven't heard of, either from authors who have slipped out of the limelight, or less familiar titles by familiar authors. She mixes the public domain stories with small samples of copyrighted material, so there's a huge variety, from Victorian adventure novels to nonfiction travel memoirs and even a recent translation of the book of Genesis. Most recently she read a few chapters of "One Hundred and One Dalmatians," which you may not have known was a charming children's book before Disney discovered it and made a charming movie.

On the less lit, more knit side, I listen to:

The Knitmore Girls, a mother and daughter who talk about knitting, spinning, yarn, patterns, books, fiber events, and occasionally Shakespeare.

Brass Needles, which divides its episodes between discussion of knitting and spinning and discussion of sci-fi and Steampunk culture, tropes, and media.

Cast On, the original knitting podcast, featuring essays, music, advice, reviews, and a bit of snark from Brenda Dayne.

Patterns from my favorite podcasters:

Taming of the Shrug and Hexaflexagon by Heather Ordover
Mrs. Beeton and Now in a Minute by Brenda Dayne (both free!)
The Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock by Jasmin Canty (free!)
Steampunk Arm Warmers by Erin Kalendar

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  1. I keep on thinking I should get into listening to Podcasts, I've just never really taken the time to investigate any. You've given me an idea of where to start. ;-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan