Sunday, April 19, 2015

M is for . . .

May Mitered Mittens in Modewerk.

May is the month that patron saint of knitters Elizabeth Zimmermann recommends for making mittens in her Knitter's Almanac, so that you don't have to scramble when the weather turns cold. I'm starting mine in April, because I have the yarn and I needed a letter M project. Of course, M would fall on a day that I had to work until 11, so here I am on Sunday trying to catch up.

I won the yellow yarn in a giveaway at the Modeknit blog. It's Modewerk Worsted in Braziliantine. I was expecting the yarn to be more golden with some orange tones, but we all know how accurate colors are on a computer screen. In person it's a soft buttery yellow. I was a little disappointed at first, but now I really like how it pairs with my deep-stash Light Coral Knit Picks Swish. If there's enough of each leftover I want to use it to make the Anthropologie Inspired Bohemian Slouch hat, along with some more deep-stash plum colored wool and maybe a charcoal accent.

The mittens are shaped by miters, paired increases and decreases that shape the knitting to a point. I started with an i-cord cast-on and I'll be trying my first afterthought thumb. I'm working at a relatively loose gauge (needs of the moment), so I may have to line them.

Mitten patterns that I love:

Basic Children's Mittens (free!)
Dulaan Easy-on Mittens (free!)
Blooming Lattice
Freja (free!)

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