Sunday, April 12, 2015

I is for...

Inability to blog on time.

While I actually finished last week's dishcloth in time (barely) to call it last week's dishcloth, I once again found myself with neither time nor energy to blog about it, to say nothing of getting out Friday's letter of the day.

Week whatever, I've lost count:

Bicolor Tweed, by Marjorie Dussaud
Sugar'n Cream, Yellow; Peaches & Creme, Bright Pink

For once, my many false starts were not due to my Inability to read directions, but instead due to an error in the pattern and my Inability to do simple math. The pattern claims that you should start with 47 sts. After that didn't work, and many failed attempts at other numbers, I got it to work over 37. Apparently 41 works, too.

The colorwork is done via slip stitch, which is blessedly easy and makes for a neat texture that feels almost woven.

Patterns I love that start with I:

Ice Queen - a beaded lace stood (free!)
Inuk and Baby Seal - absurdly adorable arctic ornaments (free!)
Iona Mittens 
Irish Hiking Scarf (free!)
Itty Bitty Lightsaber

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