Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for...


Not juggling chainsaws, mind you, but juggling responsibilities. Juggling two small children, a full time job, and still trying to find time to knit, blog, and occasionally shower or do dishes.

Finding time to knit is particularly challenging, because I need two free hands. I used to get a fair amount done at work on my breaks, but now that time is fully devoted to pumping milk to keep my supply up and provide the milk that Ezra eats at daycare or when Ryan is home with him. That's a juggling act in itself.

So when does a full time mom find time to knit?

On my days off I can get some knitting done between chores while the boys are napping.

In the evening, once the boys are down (Silas for the night, Ezra until the next feeding), I knit while Ryan and I watch something or other on Netflix, or if Ryan is playing a game, I plug into my iPod and listen to podcasts while I knit.

I bring my knitting on car trips when my husband is doing the driving. As long as I don't have to study a chart, I usually don't get carsick. I always keep a sock in a baggie in my purse, too. I can crank out a few stitches or even rows when I am sitting at a train crossing, a drive-through line at the bank, or any other unexpected long waits.

 Recently I went to a program at our library about aprons (more interesting than you would think). Afterwards I ran into a friend and fellow knitter, and while we were chatting she mentioned that she was sure I wasn't knitting anymore. I said nothing but just held up the bag with the mitten I had been working on while I listened to watched the presenters. There's always a little time to knit, you just have to learn to juggle.

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  1. So much in life to juggle but they are all good things.
    Wonderful that you find time to knit.
    Happy A to Zing