Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for . . .

Nothing much to say, so let's skip straight to the links!

Nennir - you know I love all things Celtic, and I am coming around on cowls. The only thing holding me back from making this elaborately cabled beauty is my search for the perfect green yarn (the pattern is free!)

Newborn Guinea Pigs - a whimsical bit of crochet that would take very little time or yarn. (Free!)

Not-so-tiny Slippers - a scaled-up version of a baby slippers pattern. I am obsessed with collecting Mary Jane style slipper patterns (and shoes, for that matter)

Norma - a stunning afghan with lace and cables and the center-out construction that I prefer. I love the bold red-orange color of the model project, and if I ever have a little yarn money to spend I will make this in Dream in Color Classy. (Free pattern!)

You don't think of N as being a tricky letter, but oddly enough...

1 comment:

  1. ha. I had that problem with n too! Hopefully you will have better luck with o. :)