Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q is for...


As in, I secretly want to quit making dishcloths. I am ready to banish from my sight all cotton yarn. I fantasize about hiding the dip (dishcloths in progress) under my bed and committing to a wild spree of mittens.

I've had a bad week on the kitchen cotton front. I didn't come close to finishing last week's dishcloth (and any dishcloth that starts with "Cast on 239 stitches" is bound to be a pill), and my standby dishcloth with its blasted fair-isle chart was no comfort, so I cast on this week's dishcloth early, but the single tapestry crochet was nearly as much of a frustrating time-suck, and thus I still didn't get a dishcloth out in time.

It really makes me want to throw the towel in.

At the same time, I find that I don't want to quit. I don't want to be a quitter. I want to be able to keep to this one dumb goal that I have made for myself this year.

Among other qualities, I have a stubborn streak a mile long.

Week ?

Aztec Dishcloth by Kalurah Hudson
Peaches & Creme, Ecru; Sugar'n Cream, Red

I hate, hate, hate single crochet.  Tapestry crochet, however, is a beautiful thing.  I love the way the unused colors just travel along, neatly hidden under the stitches as you go.  Half-double crochet may be the way to go in future for the best of both worlds.  I left off the extra color bars at the top and bottom because I didn't want a giant rectangular dishcloth.

Patterns I love that start with Q:

Quercus - tweedy mittens with a cabled wristband
Queen Anne's Lace scarf - crochet (free!)
Quant - entrelac headband/earwarmer (free!)
Quinn Cabled Bag (free!)
Quilted Lattice Ascot

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