Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for . . .


Besides being my BFF's favorite color, the first name of a character in Harry Potter, and in Anne of Avonlea, and a wonderful thing to do to Earl Grey tea, lavender has a reputation of repelling moths.

I may have a moth problem. I may have a carpet beetle problem. Whichever, I keep finding skeins of yarn in my stash with broken plies and strands, which is incredibly irritating and disheartening. So I am vacuuming out my closet, bagging all my yarn (hooray for Ziploc!), and booby-trapping the bins with lavender oil-infused soap until I can get some sachets made. I plan to use this pattern from Purl Soho.

Silas is very in favor of this lavender business. He keeps following me into the closet and asking to smell the bars of soap. I oblige him, because it's cute and lavender is supposed to be soothing, and I am in favor of calming my energetic and occasionally high-strung toddler down from time to time.

 I also really like the idea of having lavender-scented yarn for soothing myself during stressful knitting sessions, either when I'm using knitting to try to de-stress or when the knitting is causing me stress.

Patterns I love that start with L:

Lace Leaf Pullover
Laura Star - beautiful vintage doily chart (free!)
Limberlost - fingerless mitts
Lingerie - lace-patterned socks (free!)
Little Spare Time - boys' sweater, definitely plan to make this for Silas soon
Luna Lovegood Scarf (free!)


  1. A bath with lavender is heaven. Well, anything with lavender is!

  2. Lol, I enjoyed this. I'm considering an herb garden but I'm not sure of lavender...the potpourri hurts my nose and I wasn't aware it had other uses other than scent! But now I'm reconsidering lavender for my hypothetical garden...
    @Get Lost in Lit

  3. Sometimes I can't decide if my favorite color is purple or teal/turquoise. On most posts, that might be completely irrelevant, but here it seems to fit :)

    ~Connie - http://clsmithbooks.blogspot.com/

  4. Lavender and rosemary sachets rid us of our moth problem